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If your friend or your loved one is going through difficult time in their life, sending a funny image can make them forget their worries for the day. On this beautiful friday send these funny happy friday images with quotes to your loved ones and make them laugh. These funny friday images are free to download and can be shared through any social media platforms.

    Friday is whispering to me: “An evening drink is ok on Fridays”, so I can’t resist. Happy Friday to everyone!

    Friday is a day when the madness of the whole week reaches its climax.

    Where does the energy go during a week? It is accumulated and then is spent on Friday.

    Friday is here! Be daring, hilarious and enjoy your rest!

    If you feel bad, then the idea that on Friday you will receive the premium, will cheer you up.

    Are you looking for pictures filled with fun and something that makes others to burst into laugh? here is a collection of funny friday images with quotes to share through whatsapp, facebook, etc,. These e-cards will help you to entertain others and make them happy. These funny pictures, greetings, sayings, messages have cute funny background images with funny quotes in it. Feel free to download and share these funny pictures messages with your dear ones.

    Happy Friday! Create many unforgettable moments tonight.

    To chill on Friday is an ideal end of the working week. Forget about problems and have fun!

    Happy Friday! Today is a beginning of a wonderful trip, called a weekend! Spend it awesome!

    I know best synonyms for Friday, they are laughter, fun, and success. Have a fantastic Friday!

    Meet the end of the week with joy and you will spend it with laughter.

    Friday is the most anticipated and eagerly waited day in the whole working week. Make this day even more funny by sending this happy friday funny pics, greetings, e-cards to your friends, lover, colleagues, and others and make their day a best one. Enjoy this friday by sharing this funniest picture messages and also check our funny sms for friday and enjoy this weekend.

    Order Pizza, meet with friends and forget about all worries because it is Friday!

    Friday? Is that you? I can’t believe how long it took for you to come back.

    Memo to everyone I know: It’s Friday, so I will not be doing any work-related activities until I sober up.

    How do you know it’s Friday? Look at everyone around you counting down the seconds until the weekend starts.

    Did you know that Friday is my second favorite F-word right behind…?

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